Welcome to BESITY

Resilience, inclusion and community in one digital eco system.

Besity – Beyond Diversity – is a social company specialized in Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). We support companies and local governments in their integration and retention by offering digital systemic D&I solutions.

Our D&I software gives our client the ability to assess the overall life satisfaction and needs of workers and residents. Besity also provides interractive community building tools - for workers and residents to expand their networks based on their interests.


Your administration knows what's the best diversity and inclusion policy for your region. Besity helps you in proving that it works with the very people you need to reach: your citizens.


You know there's a huge knowledge and skills potential in the non-local workforce of your municipality. Besity knows how to enable it and bring all its value to you.


You want to be heard and acknowledged for your passions, knowledge and initiatives to improve your community and professional life. Besity gives you the perfect platform for this, for free and forever.