Besity-Beyond Diversity is a consulting and software company grounded in key data on diversity and inclusion (D&I). We support companies and local governments in their integration and retention process by offering expertise and long-term solutions.

Our Be-skilled software gives our clients the ability to assess the overall life satisfaction and needs of workers and other residents. We guide our customers through their inclusion process and offer a continuous monitoring and evaluation system.

Besity has an integral approach to integration. We share key D&I needs of individuals and businesses with municipalities, so that relevant actions can be taken at local government level.

Besity-Beyond Diversity uses knowledge management as a tool for creating a positive social impact that benefits the community as a whole.

We go beyond diversity


Understanding diversity means acknowledging that we are all composed of different dimensions that make us unique. At Besity, we developed our D&I approach by integrating the dynamic interactions between three levels:

  • Individual
  • Organizational
  • Environmental

As these relationships evolve, we work with businesses and local governments to ensure that their intergation strategies and policies are adapted to this ever-changing process.

Our principles


We work with partners who take responsibility in co-creating an inclusive environment.


We take transparency very seriously, both in our work and in your participation into the work process.


Our approach is based on a framework that includes three levels of integration: individual, organizational and environmental.


Our work has a long-term focus. We support the implementation of D&I measures accompanied by regular assessments and follow-up.